To celebrate the end of the year 2021, we pulled together photos from across the year at Greenhill Glamping site. It’s amazing how many photos we had lurking in our phones. We compiled them into a slideshow to show our Facebook and Instagram followers. It really showcased glamping all year round.

It also made us realise how the Kent countryside can vary throughout each season.

So, we thought we’d explain to you why we love each season here at Greenhill Glamping.

Winters – frosty mornings, bright blue skies & warm beds

Winter in Kent is beautiful and we love it at Greenhill Glamping because:

-The huts give you a perfect place to look out of the window on a frosty morning. You’ll see a brilliant blue sky and picturesque white countryside while being warm and toasty inside with the comfort of the cosy wood stove.

-Winter weather means you can fill up on warming treats of hot chocolate in a mug sprinkled with marshmallows.

-Shorter days allow you the time inside to enjoy a good book and relax.

-Lots of places you can visit including one of our favourites, a visit the National Trust famous White Cliffs of Dover, just 10 minutes away by car.

-There’s also plenty of other coastline to visit. Our local Kent coastline has been listed number 4 in the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for Kent’s heritage coastline for 2022.

Our Shepherd huts are set up for Winter.

-Snuggle in with a winter warm duvet and luxury throws.

-Plenty of logs for the wood-burner and backup electric heater.

-Dressed up inside for Christmas.

Spring – flowers, bird song and wildlife

Spring in Kent is magical and we love it at Greenhill Glamping because:

-The warm spring weather arrives

-Our countryside is a picture with wild flowers in the hedgerows, fields and woodlands.

-There are lambs in the fields and the lovely sound of bird song.

If you enjoy the spring why not return and experience the autumn season.

How are the huts set up for Spring?

-Vintage tea set with homemade cake is always special at any time but in the spring time you can sit outside enjoy the warming sunshine and enjoy countrylife.

Summer – longer days, sunsets and picnic season

We love how many activities you can get out there and do in the Summer including:

-Horse Riding.

-Visit Dover Castle.

-Unique Sea Safari trip along the coast.

-Haymaking, summer meadows.

-Watch the majestic Buzzards flying above

-You can picnic on our farm

-The longer days mean you can relax and enjoy our pretty valley with stunning evening sunsets.

How are the huts set up for Summer?

-Outside chairs for relaxing

-Fire pit with a barbeque grill

Autumn – Autumn colours, firepits and night owls

And finally one not to be missed, Autumn, here’s what we love in Autumn at Greenhill Glamping.

-Autumn colours.

-Cosy hideaway keeping you snug at night.

-Listen to the night-time owls houting from the trees

How are the huts set up for Autumn?

-Same as winter, toasting marshmallows.

-Enjoying stary dark skies while cuddled around the firepit.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed our blog about glamping all year round, you might like to luxury glamping accommodation in Kent