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With summer here, it really does feel like BBQ weather. We’ve rustled up a couple of recipes that you can use on our fire-pit with a grill for BBQ’s here at Greenhill Glamping for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Full English breakfast – BBQ style

Is there anything more indulgent than a full English breakfast on a BBQ. Cooking a Full English is one of Wendy’s favourite things to do at the weekend. No full English is complete without some bacon and sausages so of course we threw them in our BBQ breakfast (if you need to be pointed to local produce just ask). You can also cook your fried eggs and roasted tomatoes on a BBQ, which is not something everyone knows, but trust us, it takes your BBQ breakfast to the next level!


– Local pork sausages

– Bacon

– Vine tomatoes

– Baked Beans

– Grated cheese

– Eggs

– Sourdough

-Start by putting a pack of sausages on the BBQ as they take the longest to cook.⁠
-Whilst they’re cooking, brush the vine tomatoes with the local oil we provide you with in the hut and
add them to the grill. ⁠
-Next up, add your Bacon to your BBQ.⁠
-Whilst your breakfast is cooking, add a tin of standard baked beans to a small pan.
-Once your bacon and sausage have cooked, remove and cook your eggs.
-Crack the eggs into the pan after add some butter & fry them until you’re happy with how soft the
yolk is.⁠
-Give your sourdough a quick blast on the BBQ to complete the brekkie! ⁠

Taco bean quesadillas recipe – Lunch Time

Here’s some easy barbeque food to bring with you

-395g tin taco mixed beans

-120g grated mozzarella & 200g of cheese mix

-4 corn tortilla wraps

-Put the taco mixed beans into a bowl and mix in the grated mozzarella & cheese mix. Place the corn
tortilla wraps on the barbecue and divide the cheesy bean mixture between them, spreading it evenly
over the top.
-Top each with another tortilla wrap, then barbecue for 1-2 mins until the base is crisp and the cheese
has started to melt. Carefully flip over and continue cooking until the cheese is melted and the beans
are hot. Slice into wedges to serve.

Glamping Dinner ideas

Barbecued mussels

Why not grab some fresh mussels from our local harbour at Folkestone and enjoy cooking them over the grill with a great bottle of wine!

-50g softened butter
-2 finely sliced garlic cloves
-2 shallots, halved and sliced
-1kg mussels
-1 small bunch of parsley
-125ml white wine
-100ml double cream
-crusty bread

-First mix the garlic and butter with a pinch of salt. While you heat the BBQ, prepare the mussel pouch.
Lay a sheet of tin foil about 60cm long on the kitchen counter put another sheet of the same size on
top, then add a third sheet about 30cm long across the middle of the other sheets to make a cross
shape. Spread the shallots in the middle of the foil, pile the mussels on top, dot the garlic butter all
over, then scatter over half the parsley. Season, then fold the foil in at the sides.
-Next, pour the wine into the foil bowl and then seal it. Make sure that it’s well sealed so that the
mussels can steam – use an extra sheet of foil to wrap the whole parcel if necessary. Carefully place
the parcel on the barbecue coals and cook for 10 mins. Open the parcel and check the mussels have
opened up. Hot steam will billow out, so be careful. Pour in the cream, cover and allow to cook for a
few mins longer, so the smoky scents of the barbecue can get in.
-As a finishing touch add parsley and serve with warm crusty bread.

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