Things to do in Alkham - check out the Alkham Valley staring out the window Shepherds Hut at Greenhill Glamping

Our two Shepherds huts, Shepherd’s Watch and Ploughman’s Retreat are nestled into the hillside overlooking the scenic Alkham valley with sheep and horses grazing on our family farm. The Alkham Valley is within the Kent Downs near to Dover in an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

There are plenty of things to do in Alkham.

It all depends on what activities you like!

For those that love to walk or hike

There is a network of footpaths from our farmhouse and spend all day out walking the beautiful Alkham Valley. We can lend you maps and send you off with one of our lovely locally sourced-picnics.

If you would like to go further, the famous White Cliffs of Dover is just a 10-minute drive to reach the National Trust car park. It has a great visitor centre where you can enjoy tasty soup or a great cup of coffee.

White Cliffs of Dover | Things to do in Kent

For those that love History

The Kent region is full of history. There are plenty of historic castles and buildings you can visit. It’s a five-mile walk to Dover Castle, three miles to the Battle of Britain Museum, and a mile to the local, 12th-century church.

For those that love the Coast

We love visiting the coast. Some of our favourite walks include walks at Samphire Hoe Beach. You’ll find wildlife, rare plants, and beautiful landscapes of the White Cliffs. Not to mention the stunning views over the English Channel. Sunny Sands Beach is a popular sandy beach (it can get a little busy in the summer) located close to the centre of town and next to Folkestone Harbour. Cafés, pubs, shops, and toilets are within easy reach.

Finally, there are also plenty of additional activities you can do. Prefer horse-riding, bike-riding or surfing, you name it? We can provide a list of providers to make your trip even more memorable.

If you liked to find out more about staying at our Shepherds hut in Kent you can call us on +44 1303 892056 to book your accommodation or book online